What’s included? Course curriculum and structure

Congratulations on signing up for the course – Advanced Journaling – Manifest your BIG dream into reality

Course Contents

  • The course comprises of video trainings of the five modules:

Module 1 – Doing the ground-work

Module 2 – Understanding Manifestation

Module 3 - Time for some action

Module 4 - Awareness

Module 5 – Manifesting your dream into reality

  • Journaling Exercises

  • Three Bonus Tools Exercises

  • Free entry into a private Facebook Group – Journaling with Coach Ruch

How to use the contents

  • Watch the video trainings of the five modules in order while doing the exercises that are part of the respective modules. 

  • You are free to do this course in the time line suitable for you.

  • Do the Bonus tools exercises either concurrently or prior to watching the video trainings of the five modules.

  • Share your questions and learnings in the Facebook group

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Course curriculum